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90 Years Strong - Teamwork and Agent Support

90 Years Strong - Strong Quality

There's no such thing as a simple real estate transaction. Real estate is a complicated business, with lots of moving parts. One way you can measure the quality of a real estate company is by how well those parts mesh together. At Long Realty, we’ve worked hard to build all those moving parts into one smooth-running machine.

As a company, our goal is to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. We do that by working collaboratively, at every level of the company. Our model of teamwork means our agents work together whenever they can, to provide the smoothest, most trouble-free real estate experience possible.

But true teamwork flows in all directions. We believe Long Realty’s job is to support our agents every step of the way, helping them provide a seamless experience to every client, with every transaction. Our agents know they can rely on our culture of mutual support, and on the cutting-edge systems, tools, information technology, training, marketing, and leadership we provide.

Working with Long Realty has other plusses as well. Instant name recognition, for one. Our dominant market share and 90-year record of excellence mean that when an agent says, "I'm with Long Realty," it opens a lot of doors. (It helps with closings, too.) Yet another facet of our teamwork: our fully integrated suite of service companies, providing mortgage, title, and insurance support.

Long Realty knows it's the agents who are out front, dealing face-to-face with their clients. They are representing the company as well as properties. And the agents know Long Realty has their back. That’s teamwork in action, and everyone wins.

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