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90 Years Strong - Technology

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Information technology: It's the circulatory system of any modern company, especially in a data-driven, document-heavy industry like real estate. Launching marketing initiatives, keeping track of listings and closings, identifying and evaluating market trends and pricing, managing the blizzard of paperwork that surrounds every transaction, staying in touch with clients—without IT, it almost can't be done.

When Roy H. Long launched Long Realty in 1926, his tools were simple—telephone, typewriter, filing cabinet, maybe an adding machine. But times have changed, and Long Realty has changed with them. Today our sales associates, clients, and support staff rely on the very latest technological resources.

Our sales associates have access to a suite of highly integrated technology and marketing tools and systems. Smartphones and other devices untether agents from their desks, freeing them to be more efficient and productive than ever. Many of our agents say the support provided by our information services played a big role in their decision to join the Long Realty team.

But that's all behind the scenes. Our public face is what we offer consumers. Just take a look at our website and mobile app— they're brimming with timely information and useful links. It also gives you direct access to know first when new properties are listed, when prices change and when properties sell.

The tools have changed since 1926, but some things never change. Tools are what you use to do your work. Much more important are your values: treating your customers right, keeping your word, serving your community with integrity. We still honor those founding values—and we keep our tools sharp, too. Good tools, strong values. Providing our clients with exceptional real estate experiences. That's why we're 90 Years Strong.

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