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90 Years Strong - Trustworthy Relationships

90 Years Strong - Strong Quality

Think of all that's involved in a real estate transaction. There are the tangibles, such as money, complex paperwork, and binding legal obligations. Even more important are the intangibles: Your reputation. Your good name in the community. Your history of trustworthy relationships.

Building strong, trusting relationships can take a career, a lifetime—or, in the case of Long Realty, 90 years and counting. Our company was founded on the principle of fair dealing and treating our clients right, and we've been following that path since 1926.

Our mission statement says it all. Our mission is “to create an exceptional real estate services experience that builds long-lasting relationships.” Many of our clients are actually second- or third-generation clients. Such loyalty doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because when people are treated right, they remember.

Our agents know that building and maintaining trustworthy relationships in their community is the most important part of their business, and you don't do it by putting up signs. You do it by being an active part of the community, getting to know people and letting them get to know you, and by following through on every commitment you make.

Companies don't build relationships; people do. Our relationships grow from our company’s core values: integrity, excellence, compassion, leadership, and teamwork. These aren’t marketing words—they’re part of the DNA of Long Realty.

A strong relationship is a history of trust offered and trust honored, of being there when you're needed, of doing everything you can to provide an exceptional transaction. It's a client who is happy to recommend you to a friend.

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